Knit Customizer


Pukka's Knit Customizer is the ultimate tool to design your own knit.

Once you have created your design, our team of in-house designers and account managers will work
to bring your creation to life within our program offering and current turn-time.

Customize your own knit in as few as four steps with the industry’s premier knit builder.

Choose Your Knit Silhouette Below



Our Cuffed Knit is made from 100% acrylic yarn. This soft and comfortable, cuffed flat knit silhouette is a staple. Customization options include adding a pom, fleece lining or various jacquard patterns.



Our Waffle Knit is made from 100% acrylic or heather yarn. This quintessential waffle knit silhouette will stand out on any shelf. Customization options include adding a pom and choosing from two different yarns.



Our Vintage Knit is made from 100% acrylic yarn. This chunky, cuffed knit silhouette gives added warmth and vintage appeal. Customization options include adding a pom, fleece lining or various jacquard patterns.



Enhanced User Controls

The industry's premier headwear customizer has been updated with enhanced user controls to zoom, rotate and inspect every detail.

Add a Knit

With a simple click of the mouse, you can create a duplicate knit at any step to explore the numerous different design combinations that our program has to offer.

Share It

You can now show your knit designs to your peers and colleagues by sharing it directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or via email.


How to Order

Step One

PICK A PRODUCT. There are a handful of products to consider, like Cuffed Knit, Waffle Knit and Vintage Knit. Within each there are various options to customize and make your own.

Pukka simple hat outline

Step Two

CHOOSE SILHOUETTE OPTIONS. There are various options based on the silhouette you choose; potential options include jacquard patterns, alternate jacquard text on front/back and more.

Pukka hat silhouette

Step Three

FIND YOUR YARN AND COLOR. We've yet to meet anyone who doesn't truly enjoy this part. Choose from various yarn and color combinations.

Pukka hat with fabric and colors

Step Four

DECIDE YOUR EMBELLISHMENT LEVEL. This is a fun part of the process. Raised embroidery, woven label or a screen printed leather patch are just some of the options available which determines your embellishment level.

Pukka hat with embellishments

Step Five

PICK ADDITIONAL UPGRADES. Based on your silhouette, select custom add-ons like beanie pom, customized jacquard text, fleece lining and more.

Pukka hat with additional add-ons

Step Six

ADD FREE CONTRAST COLOR OPTIONS. Interchange the color of yarn, pom, select embellishments and more by the dozen.

Pukka hat with color contrast options

Need Some Help?

Our knowledgeable Account Management & Design Staff can help.

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